Within 24 Hours, Two  The United States

Fireballs Were Seen In

Two Extremely Rare

Fireballs were seen in the United States and Canada in about 24 hours.

According To The Weather Network

Meteor showers were observed in Canada and the United States on Tuesday, a once-in-a-lifetime event.

About 24 Hours Later

Another meteor was seen in the same area. Also, burning meteors appeared from different parts of the sky.

The First

Object appeared in the night sky at 9:48 pm central time on Tuesday.

A Planetarium Astronomer Said

Such a large and bright fireball is extremely rare for humans to see. If you have spent your entire life as a dedicated skywatch, you may be lucky enough to see two. 

In The United States

Neighboring regions such as South Manitoba, North Saskatchewan, and North Dakota have also seen spectacular events

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