Will Smith Is "Permanently  Says His Agent

Tarnished" After The Slap,

"His Brand Is Permanently Tarnished"

One top talent agent said Will Smith’s status is likely to take a significant hit after Oscars Slap.

Hollywood Experts Said

Even if he continues to find work and appeal to his fans. “I think he’s mortally wounded,”

The Smith Fallout

The onstage assault and his speech in accepting the Best Actor Oscar an “almost unbelievable level of narcissism.”

Agents Ain't Lying

“He just cost himself a premium". What went from a shocking TV moment-turned-meme has now become a full-blown crisis.

The Public Hasn't Been Shy

Calling Smith’s slap what it is — an assault — and he has now drawn stiff rebuke from other stars and top Hollywood players.

Smith's Career Ain't Gonna Last

Smith was already seeing his box office returns follow “the typical trajectory of an aging movie star.”

"Hollywood Is Just  The Will Smith Slap

Spineless": Jim Carrey On