Will Smith Hypocrisy At  Joked On Alopecia

Oscars 2022: He Himself

Will Smacks Rock

When Chris Rock cracked a joke on Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head due to Alopecia, Will Smith slapped him hard.

Will Smith Was At Splits First

Will laughed at the Joke a bit, but we can clearly see Jada Smith rolling her eyes over on the joke

A Day After That

A video surfaced from The Arsenio Hall Show where Smith cracked a similar joke on someone with Alopecia.

In A 1991 Appearance On The Show

Smith made a joke about John B. Williams, bassist for the show's house band, The Posse. In the resurfaced clip, Smith says that everyone has their own rules to follow.

Smith Says While Pointing At Williams

"Like, he has a rule—the bass player? He's got a rule: He's gotta wax his head every day. That's a rule!"

Oscars 2022: Why Will  Rock Over A Joke

Smith Slapped Chris