Why SpaceX postpones  mission again

space station cargo

SpaceX and NASA have set

 a new date for the CRS-25 resupply mission that will send a robotic Dragon capsule to the ISS aboard a Falcon 9 rocket

NASA and SpaceX delayed mission 

after detecting elevated readings of hydrazine, the propellant used by Dragon's Draco thrusters while fueling the spacecraft

The mission was delayed 

to no earlier than July 11 — so that the anomalous hydrazine vapor readings inside the Draco system could be troublesho

Additional delay to

 support ongoing Dragon spacecraft inspections and the repair and replacement of any components

SpaceX also replace the main 

parachutes on the Dragon spacecraft so that a more detailed inspection of the previously installed chutes could be conducted. 

 CRS-25 will mark the 

25th time that SpaceX has sent a robotic resupply craft to the International Space Station for NASA.

NASA Aims to Launch  2 Months

the Sls Rocket in Just