Why Does Nobody  As Superman?

Recognizes Clark Kent

Stupid Simple Ninja Technique

Did you ever wonder why Superman just wears nerdy glasses, becomes a human Clark Kent and the whole world ceases to recognize him.

Superman Abracadabra Clark Kent

So how did this crazy Abracadabra technique really came into existence? The DC comics gave a bizarre explanation of this stupid simple hiding technique years ago.

Hypnosis Ain't Limited To Earth

Along with his X-Ray vision and Laser Beam from eyes, he has another eye power (in minute quantity), much like Sharingan from Naruto, Genjutsu or simply Hypnosis.

Kryptonian Glasses

So how does minute power hypnotize everyone to not recognize him as Clark Kent? By using his Glasses that actually help him amplify his hypnosis.

Journey Of A Thousand Light Years

The glasses were originally made from the same Kryptonian ship that his father used to shoot him out of Krypton directly on earth on a chicken farm, LOL.

Add-Ons To The Glasses

He is known to use a high pitch voice and his thick glasses change his brilliant blue eys to dull grey when he is playing Clark Kent.

The Vibration Saves Him Too

In some versions of the character he goes to great lengths for avoiding any photographs up close, including moving his head at superspeed much like The Flash.

But Is He Really Anonymous?

This doesn't mean that people haven't figured out his identity in the past: Batman, Pete Ross, Muhammad Ali, yeah that's a real one not making it up.

Why Would He Hide? - Exactly!

No-one believes that Clark Kent and superman are the same, possibly because of his no masks policy, believing that he would have no secret identity as there be no need for one.

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