Why Dr. Strange Astral Spell Fails To Work On 

Spiderman's Tinkle

We see a lot of spells in sorcerer's arsenal such as mirror dimensional magic, dark dimensional magic, astral dimensional magic, and much more but yet Dr. Strange failed in a friendly face off with Spidey in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Sorcerer's Wide Variety Of Magic

Dr. Strange failed twice to defeat Spidey, first when Peter tangled Dr. Strange in his own mirror dimension and second when he unknowingly prevented Dr. Strange to get hold of the spell box while being out of his own body (while in astral form)

Why Peter Could Move In Astral Form

Astral Plane or Form is your Soul's Form or Soul's world which is faster than the real world, and one is not believed to be able to move their physical body while in astral plane, But Peter Could and so did the sorcerer who cast the spell. Peter could even come back to real world at will.

Astral Plane Tutorial For Noobs

Spidey Sense named Peter Tinkle in MCU, is something which doesn't go along with the soul as the body remains in the real world, so does the Peter Tinkle, we saw Peter's hand move the box away when Peter was still outta his body. "Your capabilities define how your body will act in real world if your soul is in astral plane"

Simple Answer But There's More To It

It could even tell about Norman Osborn's Betrayal and that's not even a physical threat, instead a more physiological one- 'what Osborn (Green Goblin) was thinking to do.' It is kind of a future threat detection, any kind of threat not just an attack from behind.

Peter Tinkle's Extreme Sense

Peter didn't even understand himself how his body moved though I just told you, secondly Peter's astral soul comes back to his own body on its own (literally by swimming), which was not possible for Hulk and Dr. Strange himself when Ancient One hit them with Astral punch.

Pros Of Peter Tinkle In Astral Plane

Dr. strange is not that skilled for casting a powerful astral spell and another is that Peter's suit was smart enough to prevent Dr. Strange from getting that box but honestly both doesn't make sense. Dr. strange is sorcerer supreme and his suit doesn't move itself unlike Iron Man Suit. 

Other Theories Are.....

One left not understood fact from Spider-Man: No Way Home was how the Nerd Ned could use powers to open portal like Sorcerers. The usual theory would be 'He comes from a long line of sorcerers but isn't aware of that himself' but It's MCU this definitely means something.

Nerd Ned Opening Portals

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