Who Knew You Could  From iPhone To iPad?

Magically Finger Copy Stuff

iOS Picks Up More Features

With each major release, which unfortunately means some of them aren’t exactly … obvious

It’s Not Groundbreaking To...

Copy and paste links from your phone to your laptop, but by pinching and dropping them, that is some Iron Man stuff

Even Apple Employees Were Unaware

That now you can use the pinch gesture to pick up and drop images between your iPhone and iPad like you’re some kind of tech-savvy sorcerer.

It Has Been Around Since Months

Just cooler and more wizard-like. You need two touch-screen Apple devices with the same Apple ID to pull this trick.

Use Three Fingers!

Use three-finger inward pinch to copy and three-fingers outward on the other gadget to paste, looks no less than magic.

Apple iPhone 14 Launch  See What's New!

Specs Officially Disclosed!