Who Is Khonsu In Moon  With God Of The Sun

Knight? And His Battles

30 March On Disney+

MARVEL FANS ARE only a few days away from finally seeing Moon Knight, the studio’s latest Disney+ original series. 

Who Is Khonsu?

We know Khonsu as the Egyptian Moon God who revived Marc and granted him powers to become The Moon Knight, but there's more to story.

Different Dimension Origin

In the comics, Khonsu is also known as Chons and hails from the same pocket dimension as the Marvel Universe’s other Egyptian gods.

Daddy Issues

He represents the Moon and is a protector of those who travel at night but is said to be constantly battling his father, Ammon Ra, the god of the Sun.

Ain't Exactly Hero Type

When he was not invited to join the Stone Age Avengers, he chose a mortal avatar who could enforce his will on Earth and cause trouble for the superhero team. 

Moon Knight Warriors!

The avatar became the first of Khonshu’s Moon Knights, a line of warriors who enact Khonshu’s will on Earth.

Moon Knights VS The Sun Kings

As part of the two gods’ everlasting battle, Khonsu's Moon Knights have also come to blows multiple times throughout history with Ammon Ra’s mortal avatars, known as Sun Kings.

Moon Knight Not Exactly A Hero

It’s worth noting that Khonsu is not known for being morally correct. That is why we know Moon Knight as an Anti-hero more than an Avengers type hero.

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