When Eminem Lost A  Jackson In 2005

Beef To Michael

Eminem's Beef Backfired

No beef in history of hip-hop has backfired harder than Eminem trying to beef Michael Jackson. 

Eminem Was A Loose Cannon

In 2005 Eminem released a diss track "Just Lose It", solely dedicated to shred Michael Jackson's character,

Eminem Is Brutal At Diss Game

Eminem brutally dissed MJ by recreating scenes of MJ's hair catching fire, his nose falling off, and rapped about his criminal charges.

MJ Was Heartbroken

"I've never met Mr. Eminem, I've always admired him and to have him do something like that was pretty painful as an artist to another artist."

MJs Wisdom For Eminem

He should be ashamed of himself what he's doing, I've never attacked another fellow artist, Great artists don't do that.

MJ's Bold And Expensive Move

MJ didn't comment much instead bought the company that owned Eminem's whole catalogue for $300 Million, MJ didn't even blink to make that decision.

Legend For A Reason

Since, MJ owned the catalogue, he got paid every time Eminem performed, MJ quite literally owned Eminem at one point.

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