When Shaquille O’Neal  Teammate’s Shoes

Took A Dump In His

Shaquille O’Neal Basketball Goat

Besides being known as one of the best bigs in NBA history, he’s also notorious for being a jokester and prankster.

Plenty Of Stories Of His Shenanigans

His former teammate Tyronn Lue recently shared another, and it might be the most ridiculous Shaq moment yet.

Lue On The Knuckleheads Podcast

“One day, Devean George, he was supposed to grab donuts or whatever… I don’t know, but he didn’t do it. So Shaq’s like ‘alright, I’m gonna get you’

So We’re Getting Ready For A Game 

Devean George was getting taped or whatever. Shaq goes in the bathroom, takes his shoe in there and he sh*ts in his shoe.

So Devean George Comes Back

Gets ready for the game, and puts his shoe on…” It’s pretty gross and surely unsanitary, but Shaq didn’t care. His pranks are well known for being especially cruel.

Being Shaq's Teammate

Was quite the experience. You got to enjoy his dominance on the court as well as you were subject to pretty insane pranks.

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