Watch SpaceX's Starship   Launch Pad for Tests

Rocket Prototype Moves to

 SpaceX's massive Starship

project was on the move last week, as its "Booster 7" Super Heavy rocket prototype moved to its South Texas test pad

 The Starship rocket 

and its Super Heavy is set for pressure testing and perhaps, a static fire test at its facility near Boca Chica

These test  would assess

 its abilities to burn fuel consistently over a period of time, according to Ars Technica

If it survives

the following tests then this booster could bring Starship on an orbital test flight in July

SpaceX's Starship program

includes both the first-stage booster, Super Heavy, and a 165-foot-tall upper-stage vehicle also called Starship

SpaceX eventually plans to

use this system to take humans and cargo to the moon for NASA, then aim for Mars and other solar system destinations

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