Vladimir Putin: Nuclear  Than Elon Musk

Weapons 6000, Richer

Who Vladimir Putin Really Is?

Vladimir Putin is the most feared and most powerful person right now. Few people also believe he is secretly the richest person on earth, even richer than Elon Musk.

Rich People Shit Gold!

His assets include 43 Private Jets, 7000 Cars, and Restroom made completely of Gold, and this ain't even a joke, it's all true.

6000+ In Nuclear Weapons

Vladimir Putin has been Russia's supreme leader for more than 20 years now, who controls the most number of nuclear weapons worldwide.

How Did Putin Become Powerful

Young Vladimir was no prince or born to a rich family, his mother was a factory worker and his father in the soviet navy, he lived in a Kommunalka, a community housing with shared kitchen and toilets.

His Criticism Gets Handled On It's Own

Later on He joined KGB, USSR Secret Service, He carried out major secret operations for USSR, He never worries about criticism because whoever criticizes Putin faces the same fate - Death.

Vladimir Putin: A Living Irony

Putin was nominated twice for the noble peace prize in 2014 & 2021, If irony had a name it would surely sound like Vladimir Putin

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