U.S. Intelligence- Awaiting SpaceX 

Gathering Payloads

A Falcon 9 rocket from California’s Central Coast just after sunrise Friday,

SpaceX Plans To Launch

Into orbit for the National Reconnaissance Office on what is widely believed to be a naval reconnaissance mission.

boosting A Classified Cargo

Set to take off from Vandenberg Space Force Base, a military base on the Pacific coastline northwest of Los Angele

The Falcon 9 Rocket Is

The National Reconnaissance Office has not disclosed details about the the mission, codenamed NROL-85.

Mission NROL-85

the NRO typically keeps specifics about its launches secret.

With Rare Exceptions

fleet of intelligence-gathering spy satellites, supplying optical and radar surveillance imagery, eavesdropping capabilities, and data relay support.

The Agency Owns The U.S govt.

Scientists Discover 

Rumbling Noise On Mars