Track Your Girlfriends  Snapchat Update

Exact Location with New

A new Snapchat update allows 

users to access someone's precise location with the platform's "Snap Map" feature if location sharing is enabled

Snap Map feature gives

away a user's physical address, and allows people to view how long of a drive they are from someone else's location.

 For parents and others

 who may be concerned Snapchat allows users to disable their whereabouts by selecting "Ghost Mode" in the app

 The feature also shows

 images and videos posted by people from around the world, which anyone can view by clicking on the map.

New paid subscription

service costing as much as $3.99 per month lets you see each place their friends have been for the past 24 hours.

 Snapchat previously said

 the map was developed with privacy and security in mind. Location sharing via the Snap Map is off by default 

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