Tom Holland & Zendaya: From Car  House Together

Make out To Buying A

Just when you thought Zendaya and Tom Holland couldn't be cuter, the couple proves (yet again) that they are serious relationship goals.

Spidey & MJ Date In Real Life

Tomdaya were very careful to keep their relationship private but have been noted to go on vacations together quite a lot, but in July 2021, Paparazzies caught them Red Handed or say Red Lips kissing inside car.

Vacations Told The Truth

Hollywood’s golden couple are making Britain their home and have got the keys to a six-bed London semi-near a raft of celebrities. Tom Holland is literally neighbor to Tom Hardy aka The Venom.

Venom Is Friends With Spidey Now

Tomdaya first met each other in 2016 Spider-Man: Homecoming, since then the hype of them being together has never stopped, they were caught kissing, having cute moments inside the car last year, now Tom dropped the words 'That's My MJ" and bought a near $4M house.

That's My MJ & Boom $4M Spent

They have cool plans for renovations and their house includes a gym, cinema and a man cave or perhaps Spider-Man cave, for Tom, and a movie theater. They moved in after they visited Tom's parents in January and bought their house within 4 miles of Tom's Hometown.

Spidey Cave: Old Habits Die Hard

He already owns a three-bed flat in the capital, while Zendaya – star of hit TV series Euphoria – has a £3million home in Los Angeles.

Yet They Wanted A Home In London

A source said: Tom has made it clear he wants hi-tech security all around the premises, starting with an 8ft steel security gate on the drive. He was also very specific about his man cave and the cinema room.

Security From The Crazy Fans I Guess

“They are over the moon about the property and getting their first home together. “They are very much in love and wanted their first home to be in London where Tom grew up. Everyone is thrilled for them.”

Fans Are More Thrilled

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