Tom Cruise Superior Iron  Keeps His Head In A Jar

Man Kills Thanos And

Tom Cruise Spotted In The Trailer

Tom Cruise's appearance is highly anticipated in the Doctor Strange 2 and there are logical reasons for that, including the trailer itself.

Reason #1 A Leaked Photo From Set

A photo demonstrates someone who looks a lot like tom cruise with Iron Man's beard supposedly on Doctor Strange 2 set. Besides the man wears a motion capture suit.

Reason #2 His Iconic Beard 

We'll discuss about the leaked photos later, but look at that, you can literally see a glowing Iron-Man with the 'Superior Iron-Man' suit, zoom into it & you'll also find Tony's iconic 'Beard' there.

Why Does He Glow Though?

The suit was orginally called the Endo-Sym armor and belonged to the Evil Tony Stark who took over the world with it's virus disguised as an app: Extremis 3.0.

Reason #3 Illuminati & Ultron Bots

The existence of Ultron bots, Illuminati and the multiverse itself is a great hint to existence of a Tony Stark and we anticipate it's Tom Cruise's Superior Iron Man.

Not One But Three Infinity Stones

The Superior Iron Man has 3 infinity stones two on his suits and one on his forehead, and is the most powerful and evil version of Tony Stark.

His Legend Says....

He had already killed Thanos of his universe and keeps his head inside a jar. He is the one who build 'The Illuminati' in the first place to keep an eye on multiverse threats.

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