Tom Cruise Leaked  Suit From Dr. Strange 2

Photo In Motion Capture

Tony But No Robert

It's impossible to imagine Tony Stark being played by someone else who isn't Robert Downey, nonetheless, Tom Cruise was initially offered to play the role in first Iron Man.

Even Ghost Rider Is In The Sequel

Several cameos have been added during the shooting of additional footage, the list includes Ghost Rider, Professor X, Wolverine, Tobey Maguire Spider-Man & Tom Cruise's Iron Man

But Things May Change Soon

Probably you've already seen a photo that shows Tom with Tony Stark's goatee, However, It's Just an edited version of an Old Image.

A Leaked Photo Is It?

Another photo demonstrates someone who looks a lot like tom cruise with Iron Man's beard supposedly on Doctor Strange 2 set. Besides the man wears a motion capture suit.

Trusted Insider Shares Hints

The interesting Fact is that a tweet with this photo has been retweeted by Daniel Richtman an insider known for providing accurate information about different marvel projects

He Ain't Our Tony Stark

Tom Cruise won't play the Iron Man we know, he will appear as his variant: The Superior Iron Man, He is Stark's villainous version and the most powerful Iron Man we've ever seen.

He Keeps Thanos Inside A Jar

This variant wears advanced white armor (Endo-Sym armor) and owns three infinity stones besides he's defeated Thanos and keeps his head inside a jar.

Robert Downey: From  (2019) For One Movie

$500K (2008) to $75 Million