Tom Cruise Iron Man Is   New Dr. Strange Trailer

Literally There In The

Tom Cruise Iron Man cameo have been rumored for over an year but it wasn't clear just how The MCU will introduce him. Since the exploration of The Multiverse we have just the right idea, Tom Cruise Will Play The Superior Iron Man, but who is The Superior Iron-Man?

Tom Cruise Variant Is SUPERIOR

It seems very unlikely for MCU to cast Tom Cruise again as Iron Man just because an almost deal between MCU and Tom Cruise for the role of Tony Stark. But who wouldn't want to be a part of the ever-growing MCU universe, plus, MCU is known for Its Crazy Money Shots like Cap lifting Thor's Hammer, that made even the Thor go crazy.

MCU Money Shots Going Crazy

You Can Literally See Tom There

Rumors and Leaks left aside, you can literally see the variant "Superior Iron Man" glowing in anger in the super bowl trailer of Doctor Strange 2. If you zoom into it you may also find Tony's iconic beard there, as this version of Iron Man has no helmet instead a kind of infinity stone on his forehead.

The Reason Behind His Glow

Iron Man writer also hints at Tom Cruise cameo by tweeting about the superior Iron Man appearance - that this version is called the Endo-Sym armor, and it glows red-orange when he gets angry, he also shared that this version of tony also cured Daredevil's Blindness for once and took over the world with his virus disguised as an app.

Launched by Superior Iron Man, addicts people to the substance and then deprive them of any "upgrade" until they pay a fee of $100/day. Feeding his hunger for wealth and power. It is still not sure if Dr. Strange 2 will portray him a villain or a hero as a genius Tony Stark is a must have if you wanna deal with Multiverse threats.

The Extremis 3.0 virus

The Deadpool creator further confirms this leak by saying that many of these leaks are actually true because MCU is doing a lot private screen testing and that is why there are so many rumors about possible cameos of Tom Cruise, Reed Richards and even the Ghost Rider.

Deadpool Confirms It Further

Professor X cameo is pretty much confirmed since the half appearance of his bald head with his voice "We Should Tell Him The Truth" & another fact that he is one of "The Illuminati" -  A group of most powerful or insightful for dealing with multiverse threats - built by Tony Stark.

The Baldy Psychic Will Make It In!

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