Tom Cruise Iron Man  Cameo Explained

In Doctor Strange 2

Strange and Wanda aren’t the only existing MCU characters expected to appear in Multiverse of Madness. One rumor suggests that the film will bring viewers face-to-face with an alternate version of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark.

Tom Holland To Tom Cruise In MCU

Dr. Strange 2 is the trippiest project due to its vast arsenal of multiverse heroes. It is confirmed that Strange will face an alter ego & Karl Mordo as his enemies. But that is far from what "Leakers" claimed that Tom Cruise will appear as an Iron Man Variant from alternate world.

Tom Cruise As Iron Man Is Tempting

Mission: Impossible star was in talks to play Tony Stark in 2008’s Iron Man before Robert Downey Jr. was cast in the role. Now one of the biggest rumors surrounding Multiverse of Madness is that Cruise will appear as a variant of Tony as a nod to his behind-the-scenes relationship to the role.

Why Tom Cruise?

Cruise in for such a small role that functions as nothing more than a nod to some discussions he and Marvel had 15 years ago doesn’t seem like something that either Cruise or Marvel would be interested in. It Would be a waste of Tom Cruise's Talents plus He doesn't come cheap.

Rumors Are Rumors For A Reason

Several well-known Marvel insiders have claimed that Professor X will appear in the film, so it seems as though there’s a real chance the X-Men leader may have a role in the Doctor Strange sequel. But not sure who will play the role of Professor X.

But Professor X Will Make It

The Pyro Head Could Make It, Ghost Rider is also said to have a surprise cameo in Multiverse of Madness, with early leaks claiming that the film will briefly introduce the character before he goes on to appear in other TV shows and movies, but not sure who would play the pyro head.

What About Ghost Rider?

No matter how much certain comic book fans want you to believe it, there is almost no chance that Tom Cruise will appear as a variant of Tony Stark. Yes, he was considered for the role 15 years ago but that doesn't make sense to bring him as a variant now.

Marvel Won't Ruin Iron Man's Legacy

The ancient one will most likely make a cameo that's because Dr. Strange himself confessed in Spider-Man No Way Home that even the sorcerers know very little about Multiverse, so Dr. Strange may seek help from Ancient one of a different world.

Ancient One For Multiverse Wisdom

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