Third Attempt of NASA's  Foiled by Hydrogen Leak

Megarocket Rehearsal

NASA’s Third Attempt At

A modified rehearsal of the Space Launch System (SLS) came to a halt on Thursday when a leak of liquid hydrogen was detected during tanking operations.

The Space Agency

Is planning another wet dress rehearsal for the Moon rocket no earlier than April 21.

This Is The Latest In Several Setbacks

To the rocket’s wet dress rehearsal, including delays due to weather, malfunctioning ventilation fans, and valve issues.

Mike Sarafin, Artemis Mission Manager

“All the issues that we’re encountering are procedural and lessons learned,”, said during a press conference on Friday.

A Wet Dress Rehearsal Is When...

The 322-foot rocket is filled with fuel as it sits on top of a launch pad, and the team runs through a mock countdown to prepare for the day of launch.

The Rehearsal Is Critical

For the launch of Artemis I, an uncrewed mission to the Moon and back, and the first step to returning humans to the Moon by the year 2026.

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