The Greatest Meteor  

Storms of All Time

NOVEMBER 12, 1799:

The METEOR shower was so magnificient that it left luminous traces that often lasted from seven to eight seconds. 

APRIL 20, 1803:

townspeople in Richmond, Virginia were able to view a very rich display between 1 and 3 o'clock. The meteors "seemed to fall from every point in the heavens

NOVEMBER 17, 1966:

 Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona, one observer said some fireballs left trains that lasted up to 20 minutes.

NOVEMBER 18, 1999:

Once again, a year with two Leonid peaks.The first peak favored Europe with a rate of about 2,300 per hour. The second peak favored North America with rate of about 2,700. 

NOVEMBER 19, 2002: 

A dramatic fusillade of Leonids sprayed from the Sickle of Leo across the starry sky as seen from the longitudes of Europe and the Middle East. 

NOVEMBER 18, 2001:

A most unusual setup as two Leonid peaks were forecast.everyone was impressed by the many fireballs that left long-enduring trains lasting up to several minutes.  

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