The Electric Ford F-150  The U.S. Market

Truck Is About To Hit

As The Top-Selling Model Line

In the U.S. for 40 years, Ford Motor Co.’s F-Series pickups hold special weight in the auto ecosystem.

The Lineup

Led by the F-150, generates more than $40 billion in annual revenue.

Given That....

Ford’s decision to electrify the F-150 stands as one of the boldest strategic decisions in 21st century business.

An Electric F-150

More than any other vehicle, will persuade rural America to go green, leading the way for almost every automaker that finds itself challenged by the electric transition.

When Now-CEO Jim Farley

Announced plans in early 2019 to sell an electric version of the F-150 — later called Lightning — he forced the hand of almost every boss in the business.

Regardless Of How Many F-150

Lightnings make it off the lot, the truck arguably already has accelerated the adoption of electric vehicles in both the supply side and the demand side.

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Build A Robotaxi Next