The Boys Season 3: Billy  Captain America Parody

Butcher Powers To

The Boys Become Superheroes

The Boys season 3 trailer has characters staring at mirror, clenching their fists, rethinking their life choices, the chaotic ending of the last season does indeed ask for contemplation. 

'Payback' Aint Just An Episode

The Boys season 3 first episode is titled "Payback" which is actually a reference to another group of superheroes, much like the seven and that's where we see the Captain America Parody.

The Cowardly Captain America Parody

Jensen Ackles plays the Soldier Boy, Captain America's Parody. But here's the uncanny truth, he is a cowardly superhero who we see clips of operating during World War.

Billy Shoots Heat Vision

Billy Butcher himself has become a superhero using compound V, his powers include Heat Vision, Super Strength, much like Homelander but could he match up to Homelander now?

Scarlet Witch 'Pyro' Parody

Scarlett Witch parody, Crimson Countess is a Pyro master, controlling all sorts of Pyro powers. But here's the twist she is bluntly against the superheroes herself.

The Pyro Teams Up With The Boys

We can see her destroying Homelander statues, and with Billy Butcher. Sort of training Hughie by breaking his arm, and we can notice Billy Butcher enjoying this with a coffee.

The Cowardly Captain Has Returned

The Soldier Boy is not done yet, he is cowardly, or more precisely "He Was Cowardly" as we see in the end: he has a beard, totally different and aggressive look in the present.

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