The Big Doctor Strange 2 In Plain Sight

Villain May Be Hiding

Who Is Causing The Havoc??

The Super Bowl Doctor Strange 2 trailer has revealed many faces, many villains and even many Doctors across the universe, but the question remains the same, "Who Is Causing This Havoc??" Is it Scarlet Witch, Zombie Strange or someone we can't even guess.

Tom Cruise Superior Iron Man

The earlier leaks about "Wanda Going Wild" and "Zombie Strange Causing Havoc" were all true, even the ones about 'Tom Cruise as Tony Stark Variant' seem to be true, as we saw a glowing figure fighting Wanda in the trailer, It could be Captain Marvel but it's most likely Tom Cruise's Superior Iron Man.

Sinister Strange Is Just A Misdirect

Gargantos & Sinister Strange are most probably just a misdirect for the audience, these two characters are from Marvel's "What If...?" Animated series. The Sinister Strange was redeemed and Gargantos was already defeated in "What If...?" So It's most probably just a misdirect.

D'Spayre Is The Real Deal

A "Not-So-Famous" Villain called D'Spayre is featured in the Dr. Strange Legends Figure available to pre-order, and that's the main antagonist of Dr. Strange Sequel, A Demon Who Feeds on Fear and poses as your loved ones, explains the everyday same Nightmares of Dr. Strange.

To Back This Theory

Fans claimed the appearance of "Defender Strange" (The one With the pony tail) from across dimension when noticed his Legends Figure for pre-order, and he did show up in the trailer confirming the leak, & Marvel is smart enough to hide its villain but keep the fans curious by showcasing its figurine, or why the hell would they add his figurine if he's not in the movie at all??

The Dots Are Connecting

D'Spayre powers and character matches to the horrors of Dr. Strange reality, D'Spayre can easily travel through dimensions and he feeds on fear. He can make you see things that simply aren't there. Another Interesting aspect is that he has been known to pose as people you trust, letting him get even closer to you as you fall apart.

Who Is D'Spayre Posing As?

It might be tough for him to replicate all the various powers wielded by the likes of Scarlet Witch or America Chavez (though it would be easier using hallucinations and illusions) but wouldn’t it be quite creepy to have D’Spayre unveiled at the end of the movie as someone who was there on the ride all along?

Wong's Vacation May Never End

This possibility has fans theorizing that Wong may have never come back from his vacation in Spider-Man: No Way Home after all or what if it’s Dr Christine Palmer, Stephen’s remaining tie to the regular humans of Earth, who is not all that she seems?

Evil Scarlet Witch & X-Men Confirmed By  Trailer

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