The Batman's Rob  Fantasy 7's Love Triangle

Pattinson On Final

Final Fantasy 7's Tifa and Aerith

Fresh off the heels of two GQ cover stories, Robert Pattinson, shows his love for one of gaming's great love triangles.

Source Of His Work For Twilight

“I thought I was in love … with Aeris. And Tifa! Everybody wants Tifa,” said Robert Pattinson. If you notice he did film five movies based on a uniquely messed up love triangle.

Well, Kristen Stewart Did Cheat Him

Even after his experience of five movies, he could barely keep a straight face through the process. “It’s the two sides, the two options. It’s a love triangle.”

Short Skirts Is Better, Cancer Can Wait

He then shares his confusion saying: "Aeris is the really kind girl who has superpowers and can heal everyone and make the world a better place, and Tifa, this sexy little thing … a thief in this short skirt.”

That's What Love Is

Pattinson wrapped up by concluding “Aeris, right at her peak, gets killed! This is how every guy figures out what love is,”

Listen To Zoë Kravitz, For She Is Wise

“This is crazy,” Kravitz said, laughing. “The one that’s gonna heal everything or the one in the short skirt? These are the options? Oh, my god, this is the problem with the world!”

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