The Batman: Robert  A Vampire Bat Goes Viral

Pattinson's Technique Of

Story Goes South

Robert Pattinson revealed how he prepared to play the iconic superhero including a hilarious anecdote involving actual bats.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel

Robert said that he was also inspired by Zoë to watch videos of real bats fighting in an attempt to play Batman properly.

Zoë Kravitz Watches Cats

"I was talking to Zoë Kravitz and she was saying to see the way she's moving she was looking at these videos, like big cat videos and how big cats fight and stuff, so I looked up how a bat fights."

Technique Of A Vampire Bat

"There was this one video on Planet Earth of a technique of a vampire bat with a chicken in a cage and how it fights the chicken was it flaps around the cage for like an hour,

just flap banging on the cage until the chicken's so scared it falls asleep and then the bat sneaks into the cage and bites it on its anus."

Rob Ain't Lying

 Now, we all know that Rob has admitted to lying in interviews but this video actually exists. It's not Planet Earth but a video by New Atlantis Wild titled: "Bat hunting a Chicken". 

Sadly Rob Won't Bite Anyone's Bum

"I sent that to Matt Reeves and he's like "I've got an idea!" Sadly it doesn't seem likely that we'll see Rob biting anyone's bum in the new Batman.

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