Tesla Reportedly Giving Anybody Now

Full Self-Driving Beta to

Tesla has slowly been rolling

 out the beta to its advanced — albeit misleadingly named — Full Self-Driving assistance software

Elon Musk-led company

 has been relying on "safety scores" to decide who gets the upgrade

Some drivers, with a near perfect

 score of at least 98 out of 100, have been able to try out the unfinished self-driving software on public roads

This weekend, Musk announced

 that the beta is being expanded to another 100,000 cars, doubling the number in the program.

Tesla may have now scrapped or

greatly reduced the safety score requirements for the beta, and is allowing practically anybody to test out

There is a possibility that "the previous

 owner was enrolled or something" since the car in question was recently bought used, Whole Mars Catalog pointed out.

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