Tesla Ex-Employees File  Without Prior Notice

Lawsuit Over Mass Layoffs

Former Tesla employees

 are suing the EV manufacturer, claiming that the recent mass layoffs violated federal law

The ex-Tesla workers believe

that the company did not provide the advanced notice required by the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

Bloomberg and Daxton Hartsfield

from Giga Nevada claim that the company did not fulfill the 60-day notification requirement under the WARN Act.

According to the federal law,

employers “shall not order a plant closing or mass layoff until the end of a 60-day period after the employer serves written notice of such an order.” 

They filed a lawsuit against

Tesla on Sunday in Texas federal court. Lynch and Hartsfield claim they did not receive advanced notice of termination

Lynch and Hartsfield are seeking

a class-action lawsuit against Tesla on behalf of other workers who were part of the company’s mass layoffs in May and June.

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