Telescopes Watch the Sun 

Bake a Comet to Death

A comet visiting the

 sun has disintegrated in front of astronomers' eyes in a series of unprecedented observations 

323P/SOHO is one of

 the rare near-sun comets, which follow elliptical orbits that take them closer to the sun 

The Subaru Telescope,

which searched for the comet as it approached perihelion in December 2020, saw only a simple small dot.

When the comet reemerged

 into view of Hubble, it looked very different, sporting a long tail of ejected dust. 

Scientists believe that 

the visible change happened as the comet disintegrated because of the extreme heat near the sun. 

Observing near-sun comets

 however, is no easy feat. Most of them are discovered accidentally by sun-observing satellites, such as SOHO

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