Take a look inside Jeffrey Epstein’s creepy Manhattan lair

Outside Jeffrey Epstein's home at east 71st street looks like any upper-class New York City apartment.

Until you see what is inside like this creepy stature his face on a massage figurine.

In an office near the front of the 19,000-square-foot home, authorities uncovered several plastic bins that contained hard drives — already covered in evidence tape, Maguire told the court.

This is the dressing room where authorities found a safe containing a stash of of cash, hard drives and “loose diamonds.

There is also a creepy massage room on the third floor.

This was Epstein’s massage table, where several victims reported being sexually assaulted

There were also binders filled with CDs, but authorities had to get another warrant in order to seize them. When they returned the next day, however, all the items inside the safe had disappeared

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