Stratolaunch's huge Roc  on 7th test flight

carrier plane flies higher

Roc flew for more

 than three hours yesterday (June 16) and broke its own altitude record.

Roc, which will eventually

 carry into the sky hypersonic vehicles developed by Stratolaunch, reached a maximum altitude of 27,000 feet

Yesterday during a flight

 over the Mojave Desert in California that lasted three hours and one minute .

Other major objectives met

 on the flight included reviewing the aircraft's performance, handling and landing gear, the company said.

Yesterday's flight came just

 a week after Roc's sixth sortie, which ended early after Stratolaunch noticed "unexpected results."

The massive airplane, which has

 a wingspan of 385 feet (117 m), is designed to release payloads high in the sky for purposes like hypersonic flight.

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