Spectacular Comet Visiting  Last Time: NASA

Earth For The First & The

As Far As..

Astronomy is concerned, the last two months have been extremely thrilling.

We Have Witnessed

An asteroid strike, a notorious sunspot called AR2975 bombarding the Earth with strong solar storms and historic images of the Sun taken by the Solar Orbiter.

And Things Are Not

Looking to settle down anytime soon. According to NASA, an exciting new comet is going to visit us soon.

The Comet, Named C/2021 O3

Aka PanSTARRS, is coming all the way from the Oort clouds to visit the Earth and the Sun.

This Pesents A Great Oopportunity

For scientists and astronomy enthusiasts alike to observe the comet in hopes of finding some never-seen-before structure or particles present in it

According To Current Estimates

The comet will come closest to the Earth on May 8, 2022. But before that, it will pay a visit to the Sun on April 21.

ANOTHER Solar Storm  Way This Week

Could Be Heading Our