Spacex Launches Egyptian 

Communications Satellite

SpaceX launched a 

communications satellite and landed the returning rocket on a ship at sea on Wednesday (June 8).

Two-stage Falcon 9 rocket

 carrying Nilesat 301, a satellite that will be operated by the Egyptian company Nilesat, launched from Cape Canaveral 

The Falcon 9's first

 stage came back to Earth about 8 minutes and 45 seconds after launch, touching down on the SpaceX droneship 

The booster previously 

helped loft two GPS satellites, two batches of SpaceX's Starlink internet spacecraft and two private crewed missions 

The Falcon 9'

continued hauling Nilesat 301 to a geostationary transfer orbit,deploying the satellite there 33 minutes after liftoff

 The Nilesat 301 launch

 continues a very busy stretch for SpaceX; Elon Musk's company has now launched 23 orbital missions in 2022, 

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