South Korea's Homegrown  Orbit 1st Time

Rocket Puts Satellites in

A fully homegrown

 South Korean rocket has put satellites into orbit for the first time ever.

The nation's new

Nuri rocket lifted off from Naro Space Center on Tuesday (June 21) at 3 a.m.

One of those payloads was

358-pound test satellite that successfully made contact with a base station in Antarctica after reaching orbit

The others were a

 1.3-ton dummy satellite and four tiny  cubesats developed by university researchers.

Tuesday's liftoff was

 the second orbital mission for the three-stage, 155-foot-tall (47.2 meters) Nuri.

The first, in October 2021,

 failed to place a dummy payload into orbit as planned after the rocket's third stage shut down prematurely.

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