Sound Travels Much  Earth, Researchers Find

Slower On Mars Than On

Researchers Study Recordings

Made by microphones on NASA's Perseverance rover found that sound travels much slower on Mars than it does on Earth.

In A Study Published In Nature

The team said it looked at recordings dating back to February 19, 2021, the day after the rover arrived on the planet.

Using The Recorded...

Sounds generated by the rover — like shock waves from the rover's laser that was used to cut rocks.

And Also Flight Sounds

From the Ingenuity helicopter — the researchers were able to compare the Martian sounds to Earth sounds.

The Conclusion...

They determined that sound travels 100 meters per second slower on Mars than on Earth. 

The Researchers Further Realized

That there are two speeds of sound on Mars — one for high-pitched sounds and one for low-pitched sounds.

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