Solar Power Is Better  Astronauts On Mars

Than Nuclear For

Solar Power Would Be...

The superior option over nuclear for crewed Martian missions near the planet's equator, a new study concludes.

Researchers Found That

A six-person Red Planet mission could be sufficiently powered by photovoltaic systems

Adding On To Decades Of Research

On the benefits of solar power as used by robotic NASA Mars explorers such as the Spirit and Opportunity rovers and the InSight lander. 

And Humans Could Clean

The solar panels on site, preventing the problem of dust buildup that have plagued Mars spacecraft over the years. (A big dust storm killed Opportunity back in 2018.)

The Team's Modeling Work Suggests

As long as the crewed mission is located near the sun-rich Martian equator,

The Metrics Of Solar Intensity And

Surface temperature would have the superior tradeoff to a nuclear fission system in terms of mass needed and energy generated. 

2 Giant Marsquakes Rock 

The Far Side Of Mars