Secret Invasion Leaks: Nick Fury fight off The 

Invading Skrulls Alone

Quick question, when was the last time we saw Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Covid made 3 years feel like nothing but 3 years have been passed since we last saw Samuel L. Jackson in Marvel.

Hasn't Been A Long Time?

The Fury drought is about to come to an end as Samuel L. Jackson is set to start in Secret Invasion, an upcoming Marvel TV series that's coming to Disney+ this year.

Fury Going Nowhere

The Occasional Leaks

Recent photos from the set of Secret Invasion from Alan Milner suggest that Secret Invasion could take place much further into the future than expected.

The Occasional Leaks Close Inspection

Upon further inspection of the photos, Jackson is in full Nick Fury attire with his scarred and damaged left eye as well as the non-descript wardrobe on top of a disheveled look

This might suggest that Fury is retired or, worse still, in hiding. But, what is most interesting is that Jackson isn't wearing his eyepatch. The theory here is that Secret Invasion takes place after Endgame, which makes a lot of sense given his untidy look.

Fury Without An Eyepatch? - Strange!

Secret Invasion could explore what Fury was up to in between the events of Winter Soldier & Far From Home. It's also easy to explain Fury's uncharacteristically unkempt look in the leaked photos. Fury might just have let himself go following his experience with the Blip and the Snap.

Where Was He - Explain

The MCU doesn't have a team composed of the earth's mightiest defenders right now. Judging by the look of things, Secret Invasion might see Nick Fury fight off the invading Skrulls on his own.

Lack Of Heroes On Earth

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Vibranium Problem