Top Memorable Scenes Featuring Ghostface's Menacing Avatar

Scream: Casey coming face-to-face with Ghostface moments into the film, after being haunted by his call, and her boyfriend's death, is considered an iconic moment

Scream: After spooking viewers throughout, Billy and Stu coming out of their Ghostface avatars to reveal their motive in the climax evokes 'screams' for real.

Scream: Tatum being trapped in the garage while trying to escape the Ghostface and then being crushed by the door was one of the hardest moments to watch.

Scream 2 : Randy being grabbed by the neck out of nowhere and stabbed in the car, was not at all a pleasant sight for the viewers.

Scream 2: Maureen spilling blood during the screening of 'Stab' and the audiences not taking it seriously still gives the chills. 

Scream 3: Tom Prinze, the character who plays an actor in 'Stab', dying in an explosion, as he attempted to read the script sent by Ghostface came as a big blow.

Scream 4: The build-up in the opening sequence where Jenny dons the Ghostface in front of Marnie after which the real Ghostface kills both is intense.

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