Scientists Unveil Bionic  Microplastics from Seas

Robo-Fish to Remove

Microplastics are a menace

They’ve been found everywhere from the top of Mount Everest to melted Antarctic snow.

The place where plastic

has the worst impact is in Earth’s oceans. Plastic is the single most common debris in the sea

Researchers at Sichuan University

in China created a fish-bot made of a light-activated material that can absorb microplastics as it swims in water

The team believes the

 bot could be used to transport pollutants to another location where they can be collected and properly disposed of.

Fish-bot is made of a composite 

material that’s safe for marine environments and physically reacts when a near-infrared light laser is pointed at it

We’re still a long way

away from schools of fish bots roaming the seas, this is still an innovative solution to the problem of microplastics

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