Scientists Grew Living  Robotic Finger

Human Skin Around a

University of Tokyo have 

built a robotic finger that, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s titular cyborg assassin, is covered in living human skin

Super realistic-looking robots

could more seamlessly interact with humans in medical care and service industries, say biohybrid engineer Shoji Takeuchi

To cover the finger in skin,

Takeuchi and colleagues submerged the robotic digit in a blend of collagen and human skin cells called dermal fibroblasts

Team poured a liquid 

containing human keratinocyte cells onto the finger, which formed an outer skin layer, or epidermis.

The lab-made skin 

was strong and stretchy enough to withstand the robotic finger bending. It could also heal itself

 When researchers made a small

cut on the robotic finger and covered it with a collagen bandage, the skin’s fibroblast cells merged the bandage with the rest of the skin within a week

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