Satellites Are Polluting  Threatening Astronomy

Austrian Skies, And

Since Time Immemorial

Indigenous peoples worldwide have observed, tracked and memorized all the visible objects in the night sky.

This Ancient Star Knowledge Was

meticulously ingrained with practical knowledge of the land, sky, waters, community and the Dreaming — and passed down through generations.

One Of The Most Well-Known

And celebrated Aboriginal constellations is the Emu in the Sky, which appears in the southern sky early in the year

Conversely, Space Technology Such As

Starlink is increasingly competing to dominate the skies, and potentially change them forever.

The Modern-Day Space Race

 has led to thousands of satellites being scattered through Earth's outer orbits.

If Left Unchallenged, These Companies

Risk overpopulating an already crowded space environment — potentially pushing dark skies to extinction.

By Understanding That The World

is interconnected, we see that no living creature is immune to the consequences of polluting the skies.

The Sun Just Unleashed t in Almost Five Years

he Strongest Solar Flare