Prediction For Elite  2022 Men's Basketball

Eight Selection For

A field of eight seeds in the 2022 NCAA men's basketball championship includes North Carolina as the eighth seed, Miami as the tenth seed

Saint Peter's as the fifteenth seed, and Kansas as the number one seed

No player in the official Bracket Challenge Game correctly picked all eight teams

Just 15 users picked seven of the eight teams correctly.

15 users picked seven of eight teams correctly. Among the 15 entries that snapped up seven of the Elite Eight picks, "Gwick1"

The overall winner of the Bracket Challenge Game. It's the only entry to pick 15 of the 16 teams in the Sweet 16 correctly

Gwick1 has only made eight incorrect selections so far. Three of the eight were the Saint Peter's wins

instead, he selected Kentucky. In the entry's Final Four predictions, Arkansas is the No. 4 seed

North Carolina is the No. 8 seed, Villanova is the No. 2 seed

Miami is the No. 10 seed, with Arkansas prevailing over Villanova in the championship

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Seed Arizona Is Out,