Netflix May Cost You More Than Your Wi-Fi Bills Now

Netflix is raising subscription prices in the United States. The last time that Netflix hiked its prices was back in October 2020.

Now, it appears that the world's most popular streaming service is preparing to raise subscription prices once again.

According to TVLine, Netflix's new pricing strategy will raise its subscription price to $15.49 per month.

This would make Netflix $0.49 more expensive compared to HBO Max, making the streaming platform the most expensive subscription in the United States.

TVLine's report adds that these changes are coming soon.

Netflix subscribers will reportedly be given notice via email or in-app notifications at least 30 days before the implementation.

By raising its subscription prices, Netflix is putting pressure on itself to deliver fresh and high-quality content all the time.

If it's consolation, Netflix's most recent moves do signal the platform's interest to keep subscribers interested and engaged.

It will be interesting to see if what Netflix has done and is doing is enough to keep subscribers in the loop.

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