NASA’s Mars Rover  Ancient Ponds and Deserts

Catches Glimpses of

NASA's curiosity mars rover

is traveling between clay-rich region to sulphate-rich region of mars while capturing images of rock on its way

Images and observation are 

helping scientists to unravel the mysteries of ancient mars and how once a vibrant landscape became arid 

While capturing the

sulphate-rich region NASA rover found dark boulders that are formed when sand deposits in ancient ricers and ponds

One image shows a

small amount of greyish rock which are remains of larger sandstone unit that covered the area 

The difference between the

 region of clay-rich and sulphate-region show that groundwater level was changed over time between the regions

The composite of images

 By the NASA's curiosity rover has been stitched from 10 individual images taken by Curiosity's Mast Camera

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$400,000 Moon Dust and