NASA’s Hubble Captures  Factories

Image Of ‘Glittering Star

NASA’s Very Own

 Hubble Space Telescope is the source of some of the most interesting and stunning images of outer space that you can find on the internet.

Offering A View Of

space yet again, Hubble has not captured a photo of beautiful “star factories”

Sharing A Sparkling Image On

its social media handle, the NASA Hubble telescope posted about a new galaxy, which is a hotbed for the formation of stars in outer space.

This Galaxy Is Millions

of light-years away from the Earth, Hubble gave us a little sneak peek into its beauty.

Hubble Termed This

new galaxy as a “star factory”, which is manufacturing billions of star clusters in outer space

This Dwarf Galaxy Is

named NGC 1569 and the photo shared by NASA is strewn with sparkling stars and celestial bodies.

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