Nasa Tries Again to  Practice Countdown

Complete Moon Rocket’s

Countdown clocks for NASA’s

 fourth attempt to complete a dress-rehearsal countdown and fueling test of its Space Launch System moon rocket

The countdown began at

 5:30 p.m. EDT and if all goes well, the two-day test will tick into its final hours Monday morning

when engineers plan to remotely

 load the rocket’s first and second stages with three quarters of a million gallons of supercold liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuel.

Launch Director plan to count

 down to T-minus 33 seconds & then carry out a recycle that will mimic an unplanned hold before counting all the way down to just inside T-minus 10 seconds.

At that point, just before the

 rocket’s four main engines would begin their start-up sequence in an actual launch, computers will stop the test.

The goal is to control

 software, the rocket’s electrical, mechanical sytem, etc. will work together as required to safely launch

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