NASA Spots Oddball  Of Round

Mars Crater That’s Out

Everyone Knows What

An impact crater looks like. It's a round divot, except when it's not.

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Trained its HiRise camera on an unusual crater on the red planet, and researchers have puzzled through how it likely got its shape.

The Crater -- One Of Many On Mars

Caused by incoming space rocks -- is located in Noachis Terra, a region known for impact scars and scenic sand dunes.

Instead Of Being

Pleasingly round, the crater is bulging out to one side.

MRO Snapped The Formation

In late January and it's a HiRise picture of the day for Monday.

There Are Some Known

Explanations for weird impact crater shapes. Some have been carved out at extreme angles, but this crater might have something else going on.

Colossal Asteroid Impact   of the Moon

Forever Changed the Balance