NASA Spacecraft To  Solar System

Research Origin Of

NASA Scientists Are Planning

To send a spacecraft beyond Mars to study an asteroid that could help explain how our solar system, and the planets within it, formed.

Set To Take Off In August

The Psyche spacecraft – named after the asteroid – will travel 1.5 billion miles for an estimated three-and-a-half years on its deep-space mission.

Once It Reaches The Asteroid Belt

Between Mars and Jupiter, scientists hope that the intended space rock can explain the origin of the universe.

“Psyche” Project Manager Said

“It is believed to be… possibly a left-over core, a remnant, of an early planetesimal, when the solar system was just being formed,”

Planetesimals Were Small

Bodies of matter that orbited the sun while our solar system was still being formed.

Scientists Believe That

These bodies combined over time to create the planets and other celestial bodies.

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