NASA Shows How You  Venus Almost Collide

Can See Jupiter And

NASA Discusses What Skywatchers

Can expect from the month of April in the first few days of this month, and a planetary conjunction is expected in the last few days of April.

On The Morning Of April 30

Jupiter and Venus will meet in a planetary conjunction, as stated in a NASA blog article from April 1.

Due To The Brightness

Skywatchers will witness what looks to be two planets smashing into each other.

According To NASA As The Conjunction

Reaches its height, both planets will combine into a single blur of light, producing a "spectacular brilliance."

The "Union" Is An Illusion

According to the space agency, because Venus and Jupiter are millions of kilometres away.

An Alignment Of Jupiter

Venus, and Earth causes this illusion, which occurs only when the alignment is absolute.

2 Russian Cosmonauts  International Space Station

Spacewalk Outside