Hubble Telescope Spots  Forming In A Violent Way

Jupiter-Like Planet

The NASA Photo

Shows a planet virtually in the womb itself for all intents and purposes. It is gas giant in the earliest stages of birth.

The Journal Nature Astronomy

States that the baby exoplanet was photographed about 508 light-years outside of our solar system

The Lead Author Of This Study

And astrophysicist Thayne Currie of the Nasa-Ames Research Center said, “We find evidence for a Jovian protoplanet around AB Aurigae orbiting at a wide projected separation (~93 au),

The Planet Is Still 

In The Process of formation and considered a young planet by scientist, also known as Protoplanet.

The Hubble Space Telescope

Has identified two structures located at 430–580 au, the candidate sites of planet formation.

AB Aurigae, However, 

Is nearly three times as far as Neptune from the Sun and 93 times farther than Earth’s distance.

An Asteroid The Size  By Earth Today

Of A Bus Will Safely Fly